Large Capacity Rectangular Water Storage Tanks

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Since 1970, Modutank Inc. has offered a selection of large capacity rectangular water storage tanks and secondary containment systems suitable for most large capacity tank, water, chemical, fuel containment and seismic requirements. Composed of modular steel parts and fitted with various liner materials, our large capacity tanks feature rapid bolt-together assembly with hand tools. These large storage tanks can be installed free- standing on level, compacted surfaces or permanently anchor-bolted to concrete footings. Modularity assures a wide range of sizes and capacities. Furthermore, our flat panel tanks can be configured in square, rectangular or special shapes for irregular sites. Floating covers, steel covers, double liners, inlet and outlet fittings, leak detection, drains, vents and other ancillaries are available.


Versatile Storage up to 2,000,000 gallons.


For low containment cost and rentals.


For extremely tight spaces – 450-15,000+ gallons.


Bolted steel round tanks – free standing or anchored.


Indoor or
outdoor storage in confined locations.


Containment system for earthen materials and slurries.


Drive-In secondary containment with access gates.


Emergency short-term storage.

Custom Tanks

For irregular sites or
special flow requirements.

Secondary Containment

For new or existing tank installations.

Ponds & Liners

Factory fabricated and field installed.


Steel walled bladders.


Collapsible fabric tanks.