Arctic and Antarctic Storage Tanks

Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has been leading in the design and manufacturing of liquid storage solutions suitable for the most demanding environments, such as the Arctic and Antarctic. Our specialized arctic and antarctic storage tanks are engineered to handle the extreme conditions of polar regions, ensuring safe and reliable storage of water, fuels, and chemicals necessary for scientific research, military operations, energy exploration, and local community support.

Our tanks and liners are formally rated for temperatures as low as -50°F, with anecdotal evidence from a Professional Engineer at our resin manufacturer, suggesting survivability at temperatures down to -100°F. Unlike welded or coated tanks, ModuTank units possess inherent flexibility to accommodate ice expansion, allowing them to freeze completely without risk of damage or deformation. This makes our tanks exceptionally reliable under polar conditions. Furthermore, we offer insulated wall panels to enhance thermal retention. For heating needs, we recommend using external heaters integrated into a water recirculation system rather than immersion heaters, which can damage polyethylene, polypropylene, or XR-5 liners due to localized heat intensity.

Our tanks are equipped with unique features such as piping penetrations at the bottom, designed to promote rotational flow, facilitating efficient mixing and heating when connected to external heating systems. The design can include a central large drain with a vortex eliminator that directs water to an external pump and heat exchanger, ensuring optimal temperature control. These adaptations allow for the use of both electric and gas-fired heaters located outside the tank to prevent liner damage. Additionally, our tank covers are engineered to handle heavy snow loads; they rise and fall with the liquid level, supported by flotation logs that adjust the cover position, thereby accommodating the substantial snow heights typical in polar regions.

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