Modutank Inc. offers a line of flange-type bulkhead fittings, with a single hole penetration. These modular tank pipe fittings minimize potential leaks by eliminating through-the-wall bolts and corresponding holes. They are sealed to the tank wall with a series of gaskets and ModuTank’s specially designed external pressure plate system. Connection is achieved by adjusting pressure on the gaskets that seal the fittings to the wall.

Expansion joints are available to eliminate stress caused by vibration, piping misalignment and tank wall flexing. Exterior piping and ancillaries are attached to the outside flanges of expansion joints. Available in standard sizes from 2-24 inches in carbon steel, stainless steel and PVC. The flanges are designed for new and existing steel, fiberglass, membrane lined and concrete tanks.

Typical Piping: All ModuTank Inc. containment systems can be fitted with standard or customized piping and tank fittings, including internal elbows, standpipes, sumps, bottom drains, over-the-wall piping, etc.