Modutank Inc. offers a wide range of above ground field erected tanks to meet most liquid containment needs. Our tanks utilize prefabricated modular components designed for compact shipment and hand-carrying for free-standing or anchor bolted installation anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Rapid bolt-together square and rectangular tanks are easily assembled by customer site crews following illustrated step-by-step manual instructions. Modular components can be field erected into square, rectangular, or special shapes with right-angle corners such as the letters “L”, “U”, “S” and others to fit existing sites or meet special flow requirements. Furthermore, the tanks are easily disassembled for storage or relocation and can also be reconfigured.

Our field erected tanks are constructed from heavy-duty mill galvanized steel sheets and hot-dip galvanized steel support structures for long, trouble-free life. A prefabricated fitted liner suitable for the contained liquid is included. Multiple liners can be fitted for secondary containment. Covers, baffles, fittings, leak detection and many other ancillaries are available.

See our extensive offering of field erected tanks to determine which best suits your capacity, size, seismic and other containment needs.

Versatility has made field erected tanks the popular solution for industrial and municipal needs such as potable water storage, wastewater treatment, chemical and fuel storage including numerous uses in manufacturing, processing plants, military bases, airports and other facilities.  

Field erected tanks are available in virtually unlimited sizes and capacities from thousands to millions of gallons. In certain applications, however, small field erected tanks may be required where one-piece tanks are too large to fit through existing entranceways. For example, tanks required to fit into confined spaces within structures, or located deep down in mines, can only be serviced with modular field erected storage tanks.