SpilGard secondary containment systems fully protect sites from spillage at tanker truck handling points. Unlike conventional portable berms that manage only modest leakage and spills, the SpilGard holds at least 110% of a tanker’s capacity. The unit also safeguards chemical drums, tote bins and equipment driven into its bay or lifted over its two-foot high walls.

SpilGard Meets Federal Regulations

SpilGard meets Federal Register, July 17, 2002 (volume 67, Number 137) Rules and Regulations page 47147, section 112.7h regarding tank car and tank truck loading and unloading areas.

Easy Access

Unhook liner from the gates, withdraw the slide bolts, swing gates open and drive in. Reverse the procedure to seal equipment inside a complete secondary containment system.


Piping, valves, fittings, quick drainage system and other accessories can be bolted to the SpilGard steel walls and framework. Portable berms lack this capability.

Quick Installation

SpilGards are rapidly bolted together on-site from compact prefabricated components using standard hand tools. Special skills are not required. Designed for installation on any firm, level surface. SpilGard can be free-standing or anchored for long term application. An easy-to-follow installation manual is included.

Modular Design

SpilGards hve been engineered for versatility through modularity. While the basic unit is configured for a single truck, custom sizes can be readily and economically furnished.

General Specifications

Support frames are 2″ x 2″ hot dip galvanized steel angle with 20 mil galvanized steel wall panels. Gates are 16 ga. and 14 ga. galv. steel with 2″ x 2″ steel angle and forged steel eye bolts. Standard liner is 30 mil reinforced XR-5. Two vehicle tracks of heavy-duty belting 36″ wide x 140 mil extend the full length of the tank. All hardware is included.