Our rental model, the EconoTank, is 4’9″ tall and is customizable to virtually any length or width, based on 3’9” wide, bolted modules. EconoTanks, with capacities from a few thousand to two million gallons or more, are available. Many aspect ratio rectangles are also possible. Tanks ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 gallons can be immediately shipped to meet urgent containment needs. Those varying from 250,000 to 2,000,000 gallons and more, are typically shipped within two weeks. Examples of standard sizes, as follows:

• 50k capacity    =    38’0” x 38’0” x 4’9” tall

• 100k capacity =    56’9” x 56’9” x 4’9” tall

• 250k capacity =    86’9” x 86’9” x 4’9” tall

• 500k capacity  =  124’3” x 124’3” x 4’9” tall

• 1mm capacity =  173’0” x 173’0” x 4’9” tall

• 2mm capacity =  244’3” x 244’3” x 4’9” tall

However, fully customized sizes available as well.

Rental Plan

For short-term use, EconoTank rentals offer substantial savings over outright purchase. However, purchase options are also available, for projects over 18-months in duration. EconoTank rentals apply to 50,000 gallons through 2,000,000 gallons and over. Call us with details on the size, shape and capacity tank you need.

Econotank vs. Multiple 21,000 gallon tanks of comparable total capacity*

250,000 gallons28% 1 month savings, 63% 3 month savings
500,000 gallons59% 1 month savings, 55% 3 month savings
1,000,000 gallons45% 1 month savings, 61% 3 month savings

* Savings are based on actual rental costs not including transportation, setup, cleanup or other ancillary operations.

Modular Components

EconoTanks feature modular components for rapid on-site assembly of standard square or rectangular tanks. EconoTanks can also be assembled into L, T, X or any shape with right angle corners to fit your site. Modular hand-carried components eliminate the need for cranes and other lifting equipment. Components compactly stack on standard skids for efficient shipment. A 2,000,000 gallon EconoTank ships on a single flatbed.

Fast Installation

Our free-standing EconoTanks are designed for rapid bolt-together assembly by following an illustrated manual, using standard hand tools. No special skills are required. A single bolt fastens adjacent wall panels to their support frame. Modular parts hand carry through doorways for indoor installations. Built-in footing plates make possible free-standing installation on practically any firm, level surface. Anchor bolting to concrete footings is an option. EconoTanks can be installed with open tops or enclosed with floating covers.

EconoTank Versatility

Our versatile, modular EconoTanks are available for rent in standard off-the-shelf models and customized units sized and equipped to meet your storage and site requirements. A typical example of versatility is shown in the adjacent photos of EconoTanks nested for primary and secondary containment. Secondary liners were fitted into both tanks for additional protection against the extremely hazardous liquid. A floating cover sealed the contents of the primary tank, while a customized canopy with access hatches kept the secondary containment area, between tanks, free of debris and rainwater. Through-the-wall inlet/outlet flange type fittings with expansion joints connected both tanks to external piping.