Secure and Efficient Shipping 

At ModuTank Inc., we understand the importance of secure and efficient shipping for our bolted steel tanks. A typical 1,000,000 gallon EconoTank, can fit on only (1) 53’ truck. Our shipping process is designed to ensure that each component arrives at its destination in excellent condition, ready for assembly. We carefully plan each unique shipment to accommodate the size, weight and ergonomics of the various tank components, utilizing custom heavy-duty skids and crates we build in-house, to protect the materials during transit. Our logistics team then coordinates with trusted freight carriers to ensure timely delivery, minimizing any potential delays and disruptions to your project timeline. We almost exclusively ship on flatbeds, over box trucks, so equipment at the site has easy access for side-unloading.

Robust Packaging Solutions

We take great care in packaging our bolted steel tanks to prevent damage during transportation. Tanks are shipped knocked-down and each steel panel is meticulously protected with a combination of wrapping materials and sacrificial layers to shield against rainfall, and impacts and abrasions while in transit. Liners ship with multiple outer layers of plastic and geotextile around them. Hardware and piping connections are shipped in 4’ x 4’ x 4’ crates with premium plywood, a layer of waterproofing and metal strapping. Our robust packaging solutions ensure that all components arrive in pristine condition, ready for either an immediate installation, or temporary outdoor storage of the various skids at the site.

Streamlined Unloading and Handling

To facilitate a smooth unloading and handling process at the delivery site, our tank components are designed for ease of movement and assembly. Individual skids do not exceed 5,000lbs. and components are stacked and appropriately strapped, making them easy to maneuver with standard equipment, and position during installation. Detailed assembly instructions and labeling accompany each shipment, providing clear guidance for unpacking and organizing the components at the jobsite. Our goal is to simplify the handling process, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring that your project progresses without unnecessary complications.

Global Shipping Capabilities

ModuTank Inc. offers global shipping capabilities, delivering our bolted steel tanks to clients around the world. Our extensive experience in international logistics and transportation ensures that we can manage shipments to a wide range of locations, from urban centers to remote sites, via truck, train or airplane. Our tanks are found anywhere from the top of skyscrapers, to the bottom of a mine. From Antarctica, to small Pacific islands. By consulting with top brokers, we can handle all aspects of international shipping, including customs clearance and documentation, to provide a seamless “last-mile” delivery experience. By choosing ModuTank Inc., you can trust that your bolted steel tank will be shipped efficiently and securely, arriving on time and ready for installation, no matter where your project is located.