Storage in confined spaces

Modular VariTank components are designed for hand-carrying through doorways or other small openings for rapid bolt-together assembly in basements, tunnels, interior rooms and other hard-to-access locations.

VariTanks provide low-cost fluid handling for permanent or standby service indoors and outdoors. In addition, VariTanks can be quickly disassembled for relocation or storage.

Installation Speed

A typical VariTank can be installed quickly using common hand tools. No special skills are required. Little or no ground preparation is needed. They can either be installed free-standing or anchor-bolted to new or existing concrete foundations.


Standard VariTanks are available in sizes based on 3’6” wide paneling, in 6’3”, 8”0”, or 10’0” heights. Customized heights, (between 6’3” & 10’0”), are also available.

Special Shapes

Virtually any shape utilizing right angles such as square, rectangle, “U”, “L”, “X”, etc. (see Custom Tanks) can be assembled from VariTank’s unique modular components. This capability is especially useful for installations with irregular shapes or with special flow requirements.


Covers are fabricated from type 304 or type 316 stainless steel. Floating and tarp type covers fabricated from various liner materials are also available.


Inlet and outlet pipes can be installed over the top, through the bottom or through-the-wall or cover with flange fittings in factory cut holes. Flange fittings, hatches, leak detectors, ladders, vents, baffles and adjustable standpipes are available.


Liners in reinforced polypropylene, XR-5 and potable water grade polypropylene are available.

Leak Detection Systems

Double liner leak detection with sight tube leak detectors is optionally available.

Stainless Steel VariTanks

For harsh environments we can fabricate the VariTank and its cover from type 304 stainless steel. Type 316 stainless is also available. Through-the-wall flanges with stainless steel or PVC wetted surfaces are also available.

General Specifications

VariTank wall panels are G90 mill galvanized steel, (stainless is optional). Steel angle support posts and rails are 3” x 2” x 1/4″, or W6-20 beams, (depending on height). Graded fasteners, factory fabricated stainless steel tension cables and Eight oz. geotextile, is also included.