Non Penetrating Leak Detection

ModuTank’s unique leak detection system does not penetrate the liner and consists of perforated tube and dipstick, which is positioned between the primary and secondary liners.  Any leakage through the primary liner is collected in the tube and detected on the dipstick. This system is fabricated primarily from PVC components.

A: Primary Liner
B: Perforated Tube
C: Dip Stick
D: Geotextile
E: Secondary Liner

Bottom Sump Leak Detection

Leak detection systems utilizing double liners with the secondary liners connected to leak detection sumps are available. A: Primary Liner B: Geotextile C: Secondary Liner D: Cover Plate E: Flange/Sump

Sight Glass / Leak Detection

Fluid that penetrates the primary liner is collected by a geotextile interlayer that wicks the liquid to the thru-the-wall fittings for instant inspection in an external sight tube.