Manways provide safe access to the interior of tanks, allowing an entry point for cleaning, inspection or other maintenance purposes. Servicing the tank is made easier for crews to perform maintenance in tanks that accumulate solids.


Floating and rigid covers are the most effective method for the long term containment and storage of large volumes of water.

In potable water containment, floating covers protect water from contamination and offer evaporation control due to total surface coverage. In wastewater applications, floating covers prevent algae growth and minimize odor emissions. Our floating cover systems promote longevity and offer an economical solution compared to traditional methods.

Rigid, galvanized or stainless steel covers come in modular systems, designed for bolt-together assembly. Our covers are available with optional hatches, inlet/outlet fittings and vents.

Liner overlays - “belting”

A liner overlay, or belting, is available in various lengths and widths, providing protection and abrasion resistance against heavy equipment and other larger items that are placed within our tanks and may come into contact with the liner. Belting materials are available in PVC and black rough-top rubber.

Top Access Hatch

Access hatches, typically 24” x 24”, can be installed within our steel covers. Access hatches are available in both galvanized and stainless steel materials and include a screw lock for closure. These access hatches are factory mounted to our covers using rivets.


Dip-tubes are constructed of PVC components and are installed between the primary and secondary liners. Dip-tube systems are an effective way to identify liquid breaches that have occurred in the primary liner. These systems can be added to any EconoTank and ModuTank models where leak detection is critical.

Bird Netting

Bird barrier or environmental barrier netting is available for protecting open top tanks from birds and other wildlife, where full, floating covers are not indicated. Our netting is manufactured using premium industrial grade netting manufactured from high-tensile strength, UV-protected, twisted knotted polyethylene. Our bird netting is manufactured to survive harsh environmental elements and is maintenance free.