Comprehensive Engineering Solutions

At ModuTank Inc., we specialize in providing engineering solutions for bolted steel tanks, designed to meet the unique storage needs of our clients. Our engineering services begin with a comprehensive review of the site, as well as the client’s storage requirements. Utilizing advanced design software, our experienced team creates precise tank models that consider overturning moments, overall stability, base shear, hydrodynamic and hydrostatic loads, interactions with specific foundations and environmental conditions, etc. We can produce bolted tank solutions that are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications that can be anchor-bolted to concrete foundations or free-standing on ModuTank’s unique anchor plate system offering custom design solutions that meet AWWA standards and regulatory compliance.

Structural Engineering Expertise

Our structural engineering expertise ensures that every tank we provide will meet all structural, wind and seismic requirements. We perform detailed structural analysis, including wind calculations and seismic load assessments to ensure that our tanks perform problem-free in all conditions predicted for your site. By integrating these critical factors into our designs, we can provide tanks that not only meet, but exceed industry standards for safety and performance. Our internal and consulting team of skilled engineers is dedicated to delivering solutions that offer long-term reliability and peace of mind for our clients.

Precision in Design and Manufacturing

ModuTank Inc. emphasizes precision and quality in both the design and manufacturing of our tanks. Stamped structural calculation packages can be reviewed and counter-stamped by engineers, in the State of installation. Modutank Inc. procures only the highest quality steel coils, hardware and finishes, including hot dip galvanizing for all tank components specified in the calculations. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities utilize advanced machinery to produce tank components with exacting tolerances. Each component undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet our stringent standards before being shipped, and assembled on-site.

Nationwide Certification and Documentation

ModuTank Inc. is proud to offer stamped calculation packages, with respective drawings, for our tanks in all 50 states. Our engineering team ensures that our designs meet all engineering criteria as well as all applicable codes and regulations, providing the necessary documentation for permitting and installation. This, more than fifty year commitment to thorough and accurate documentation, simplifies the approval process and provides our clients with confidence in the integrity of their storage solutions. By choosing ModuTank Inc., clients benefit from our nationwide expertise, dedication to quality, and storage solutions that not only meet their specific requirements, but exceed expectations.

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