ComPakt tanks are engineered for permanent or standby liquid storage in tight spaces indoors or outdoors. The ComPakt is available in capacities from 450 gallons to more than 15,000+ gallons.

Based on 4’0” high by 3’9” wide modules, ComPakts can be configured in square, rectangular or special shapes (see Custom Tanks).

Their modular steel components are easily hand–carried by one or two workman through doorways and other small openings for quick bolt-together assembly.


Compakts are supplied with one-piece fitted liners. A wide range of flexible membrane liners is available as well as double liners for secondary containment.


Our full suite of ancillaries may be added to our ComPakt, including, but not limited to, vents, piping connections, sight glasses, drains, and more.


ComPakt tanks can be fitted with stainless or galvanized steel covers, as well as tarp type and floating covers where total sealing of the tank is necessary.

General Specifications

Wall panels are 16 ga. mill galvanized steel. Posts are 10 ga. galv steel with stainless steel tension cables. Liners are polypropylene, polyethylene or XR-5. Other liner materials are available.