Indiscriminate discharge of wastewater from residential and industrial sources poses a serious risk of contamination to both water sources and soil. Wastewater from these sources must be contained and processed before reuse and discharge into the ecosystem.

Municipal wastewater generated from sinks, toilets, baths, and showers drain into sanitary sewers leading to centralized wastewater treatment plants. Sanitary sewers are often supplemented by other collection systems that transport wastewater via a network of pipes and pump stations to treatment plants. Many municipalities utilize combined sewage systems that mix storm runoff with flow from sanitary sewers. These systems can be overwhelmed by excessive inflow of stormwater. The combination of wastewater from sanitary sewage lines and excessive stormwater can cause backups, dangerous spills or overflow. Installation of stormwater tanks for temporary storage of excess storm water runoff can help alleviate this problem.

Industrial wastewater from factories may contain contaminants that cannot be removed by conventional treatment plants. Variable discharges of industrial waste could also upset the dynamics of biological treatment plants. Effluent from these facilities can be pretreated or fully treated on site in decentralized wastewater systems before disposal. Modutank Inc. offers cost-effective modular tanks in virtually any size for holding effluent, aeration, sedimentation, sludge and other processes in your treatment system.

Flow back water, the water that flows back to the surface after hydraulic fracturing; and produced water, the water that flows naturally from gas wells are both considered hazardous. Modutank Inc. offers Econotanks for purchase or rent for short- term fracking or long term storage. Econotanks and Modutanks, in virtually unlimited sizes, are also ideally suited for evaporation, settling and aerobic treatment, large oxidation ponds, polishing ponds and facultative lagoons.

Since 1970, Modutank Inc. has offered oil/water separation and source tanks, as well as secondary containment systems for most applications. Composed of modular steel components and fitted with various liner materials, our tanks feature rapid bolt-together assembly with hand tools. Separation tanks can be installed free-standing on level, compacted surfaces or permanently anchor-bolted to concrete footings. Modularity assures a wide range of sizes and capacities. Furthermore, our flat panel tanks can be configured in square, rectangular or special shapes for irregular sites. Many ancillaries are available.