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Above Ground Modular Storage Tanks

Any Shape, Any Size, Any Site

ModuTank Inc. Products

We have a wide range of modular tanks suitable for different applications, including:

  • Water and waste water storage and treatment.
  • Hazardous waste storage.
  • Chemical storage tanks.
  • Fuel Storage
  • Potable Water Tanks

Our tanks are available in square, round, rectangular, and special shapes for irregularly shaped areas. We also have containment systems for areas where space is at a premium.

Our products generally have the lowest per-gallon containment costs when tank, shipping, site prep, and installation costs are compared. Our low-cost rental tanks, available in sizes from 50,000 to 2,000,000 gallons and more, offer substantial savings over multiple frac tank installations.

Features of our Tanks

  • Heavy-duty, modular galvanized steel components
  • Indoor and outdoor modular tank installations
  • Minimal or no site prep
  • Free-standing or anchored installations
  • Seismic designs
  • Custom configurations for irregular sites
  • Chemically resistant and potable water liners
  • Fast bolt-together assembly
  • Hand carried components that can be assembled in tight spaces

EconoTank Rentals Available

For short-term use, Econotank rentals offer substantial savings over outright purchase. However, purchase options are available. Econotank rentals apply to 50,000 gallons through 2,000,000 gallons and over. Call us for rental details on the size, shape and capacity tank you need.

Why Choose Us?

Made In The USA

All of our tanks are made of the highest quality steel and proudly manufactured in the United States.

50+ Years Experience

Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has manufactured modular steel tanks, for easy and versatile installation, both indoors and outdoors, and provide customers with the lowest total acquisition cost, per gallon.

Worldwide Installations

We are proud to have a global presence, with our installations spanning across all 50 States and extending to over 40 countries worldwide.

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