Liquor Storage Tanks

Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has been a leader in designing and manufacturing specialized storage solutions tailored to specific industry needs, including the paper industry. Our liquor storage tanks are specifically designed for the storage of cooking liquors used in the pulping process, such as white liquor, black liquor, and green liquor. These tanks play a critical role in the pulp and paper manufacturing process, where they store these vital chemicals that are reused and recycled throughout the pulping stages to break down lignin and release fibers.

Our liquid storage tanks are constructed from materials that are highly resistant to the corrosive nature of pulping liquors. Each tank is engineered to prevent contamination and corrosion, which are common challenges due to the harsh chemical properties of these liquors. Additionally, ModuTank’s tanks are equipped with advanced lining materials and coatings that enhance their durability and lifespan, ensuring safe and effective storage. The design also includes the ability to add ancillaries, such as temperature control systems to maintain optimal conditions for liquor preservation and effectiveness, thereby supporting continuous and efficient paper production processes.

ModuTank recognizes that each paper mill has specific needs based on its operational capacity and process requirements. As such, our liquor storage tanks are modular and customizable to accommodate any volume and footprint. This scalability and flexibility allow for easy integration into existing mill infrastructures and the ability to expand as production demands increase. Our tanks are also designed for easy maintenance and quick access for inspections and repairs, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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