Advantages of Modular Tanks

Modular tanks are designed based on the client’s specifications. Depending on the extent of storage capacity required along with the type of substance to be contained, a modular tank can be advised.


A modular tank can be used for a variety of reasons. The most common kinds of modular tanks are used for storage purposes. These tanks are able to contain large amounts of liquids, compressed gases or other substances. These tanks are employed for both short term and long term use.

Other than storage, modular tanks are used for transportation, indoor usage, as liners as well as for emergencies. Their ability to be adaptable to the unique requirements of the client is their biggest advantage.


Another factor that is integral to the design of a modular tank is its material. ModuTank is currently designing tanks made with steel, collapsible fabric, plastic, fibre-reinforced plastic amongst many others.

The material used to construct and design the tank is decided based up on the expected use of the tank, the kind of maintenance it would require and the potential wear and tear it might experience. By accounting for all these, ModuTanks is able to arrive at a material that is the most durable for the intended usage.


The life of a modular tank is long and steady. Owing to its customized designing and durable material, a modular tank can withstand a good amount of wear and tear. If the tank is in regular use, then with a regular yet minimal maintenance, the tank can deliver on its functions for a long time. This is what makes them a smart investment.

Cost Effective

ModuTanks is able to meet client requirements within the proposed budget. Therefore, not only is the client able to meet his budgetary stipulations, he is also able to guarantee the durability of the product.

Modular tanks are cost-effective in terms of utility too. Considering the massive storage capacity of such tanks, they are often used by a group of individuals/organizations or a community. Hence, these partnerships incur significantly less cost in buying a collectively owned modular tank.

Technologically Relevant

Modular tanks are able to stay in touch with the current technology in the market. For instance, modular tanks intended for rain water harvesting, would be able to integrate and function smoothly along with the latest technological inventions in the area of rain water harvesting.

By accounting for the latest and the most updated technological interventions, ModuTanks is able to design and conceptualize modular tanks that can work well with any new technology. In addition to that, modular tanks are also able to adapt to new interfaces and systems that might come up after its installation. Their ability to keep pace with technology is definitely an advantage.

Modular tanks are a demand driven product. There is an increasing demand, worldwide, for products that function optimally, are cost effective and can ensure safety. Thus, modular tanks have emerged as safe and reliable investment option for people/organizations looking for durable and sustainable solutions.

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