The Benefits Of Using Field Erected Tanks

There are many different reasons why field erected tanks are superior to pre-constructed tanks. The biggest and most obvious difference is that field erected tanks, regardless of their size, shape or dimensions, can be taken virtually anywhere with a minimum of difficulty.

Pre-constructed tanks, even those that are relatively small, require specialized wide space trucking and access to the location of the tank. For larger tanks you will also require a crane to move the tank into position, and you will, of course, need road access to the location of the tank. Pre-constructed tanks that are moved as a unit also are limited in their capacity just because of the transportation issue.

Customized To Your Locations

Field erected tanks can be fully customized to meet the requirements of any location you may need a tank. There are traditional round and square tanks, but there is also the option to customize an L-shaped tank or even unique continuous flow types of tanks that can be a variety of shapes and styles.

Emergency Storage

For emergency storage requirements for any type of liquid bladder tanks, which can be placed even on surfaces that are not completely level but are still flat, make a great option. While not a permanent storage option they have the ability to be quickly put in place to hold either waste or potable water for any type of emergency situation.

Free Standing or Anchored

Field Erected Tank specification, depending on their size and style, can be either free standing or anchored in place. Free standing tanks are a good option when a foundation or pad is not available and the ground is solid, stable and flat. Anchored tanks provide that additional security for tanks that will not be moved.

Depending on the size, field erected tanks can be installed in a few hours by a trained technician or crew. These tanks can be fully outfitted with inlets and outlets, baffles, ladders, floating covers, adjustable standpipes and even a slight glass that allows you to determine the level of liquid in the tank when the floating cover is in place.

Field erected tanks are low cost, environmentally safe and offer years of durable service. With a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes you will have no trouble finding the right above ground storage tank for your needs.


About Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren, VP of ModuTank Inc. has his degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and more than fifty years’ experience in product design and photography, model building, advertising and copy writing.
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