Applications For Large Volume Tanks

It is amazing how many industries, processes and manufacturing companies rely on large volume tanks for all types of liquid storage. This can include holding potable water for remote camps and work areas as well as for holding wastewater, including that in sewage and wastewater treatment plants.

While these may be the most commonly considered applications for large volume tanks, there are a host of other industrial, commercial and manufacturing uses for these durable, safe and customizable tank options.

Most of the large volume tanks, some which can hold up to two million gallons, are designed to be permanently anchored and kept in one location. However, the smaller emergency tanks, which are still capable of holding thousands of gallons, can be constructed directly on any level surface including gravel, grass or dirt, without the need for permanent anchoring.

Aquaculture Applications

With the ability to be customized to fit in small or specific spaces, these large volume tanks can be used in some unusual ways. Aquaculture, which can include linking smaller tanks or using huge tanks, is an ideal use for these tanks. Durable liners mean that water heating, cooling and circulation systems can be constructed to fit into the tank for optimum water treatment for raising fish.

Agricultural Applications

Large volume tanks are idea for irrigation systems in arid and dry areas or where capture water runoff is a necessity. These tanks can be moved as needed and, surprisingly lightweight, they are also durable enough to handle anything that the farmer may need them to do.

Food Processing

Various food processing companies use large volume storage tanks in their food production plants. The tanks can be integrated with the production line or used in processes such as brining, storage of cooking liquids such as vegetable oil or any other liquid required. Non-reactive linings prevent any damage to the tank regardless of the acidity of the liquid stored in the tank.

There are a range of different uses for large volume tanks. These above ground storage tanks are a perfect option for water treatment, chemical processing, storing hazardous wastes or any number of other uses. For specialized uses many of the models of larger tanks can be customized, making them an ideal solution to many liquid storage problems.

Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren