Be Prepared with Secondary Frac Tank Containment for Your Business

Chances are, if you are looking for a frac tank, you know what it’s used for, but incase you don’t, a frac tank is used to hold water and a proppant solution when a well is being fractured. Proppant is a combination of acid, pebbles and water that will push open the earth when pumped into it. The secondary containment for fracking tanks are necessary to catch chemicals incase there is a spill. If you are looking for large capacity fracking tanks or secondary containment tanks, here at Modutank we are proud to be a highly experienced company that can provide all your storage needs. We offer all sizes and can provide free-standing or bolted tanks. If you are in an urgent situation, we are accustomed to providing emergency tanks that are quickly assembled to help protect your business from expensive violations and protect the environment from dangerous spills.

Special Tank Features

As you look through our website you will see a gallery and explanation of the many types of fracking tanks they offer. You can rent emergency storage tanks that can be quickly set up. We offer fracking tanks for water, fuel, chemicals and seismic requirements. The special features you can find throughout include single or double linings, covers and floating covers, piping systems, leak detection, drains, vents and more.

Our tanks are extremely durable with galvanized steel that will hold up in inclement weather. You can quickly assemble the parts of the tank with hand-held tools. At Modutank, we have made the process as accessible to you as possible by offering every shape of tank to suit your needs, whether it be round, square, rectangular or custom shaped. We offer indoor or outdoor tanks and also have single and double liners to suit your needs. We offer tanks from 50,000 to 2,000,000 gallons and up. You can get the pipes and fittings you will need all from the same company.

Experience Matters

In this day and age, no one can afford to have a chemical spill or improper equipment. Compliance violations are expensive and environmental remediation is a slow process that can damage a company’s reputation. Our company has been around since 1970, and Modutank has the experience to offer you assurance that your secondary containment for your fracking tanks will be effective and safe. Hazardous waste material is a highly regulated substance, and proper storage and containment is essential to your company’s bottom line as well as the safety of your staff and sustainability of your projects. Our website shows the many sizes and shapes of tanks available to suit your needs. Hop on our site and see our case histories and the many successful projects we have provided for. Don’t put off preparing your frac tanks with secondary containment, required by the EPA to prevent pollution of soil and water.

Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren