50,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank

Standard Tank Models (50,000 Gallons)

Model Interior Dimensions Shape
EconoTank ET 1111 (41’9” x 41’9” x 4’9” Tall) Square*
ModuTank MT 0909 (34’3” x 34’3” x 6’0” Tall) Square*
VariTank VT 0909-8 (31’6” x 31’6” x 8’0” Tall) Square*
VariTank VT 0808-10 (28’0” x 28’0” x 10’0” Tall) Square*
ModuStor MS 4305 (43.37′ Dia. x 5′ Tall) Round
ModuStor MS 3210 (31.80′ Dia. x 10′ Tall) Round
ModuStor MS 2615 (26.02′ Dia. x 15′ Tall) Round
ModuStor MS 2320 (23.13′ Dia. x 20′ Tall) Round

* Each of these standard square models can be configured into various aspect ratio 50,000 gallon rectangular tanks.


Available Liner Types


ModuTank’s unique 50,000 gallon water storage tanks, proven internationally for more than 50 years, are the ideal solution for your water storage needs. They feature compact, hot-dip galvanized steel components, designed for rapid bolt-together assembly in hard-to-reach indoor and outdoor locations. Our tanks are ideal for sites with limited access. Included footing plates allow free-standing, rapid installation on most flat, level surfaces with minimal or no formal site prep, or, if available, they can optionally be anchor-bolted to concrete foundations. One-piece membrane liners, specifically chosen for your water storage needs, line the tank’s interior, shielding the galvanized components and protecting the stored water from contamination and environmental leakage. Our NSF/ANSI 61 certified liners are safely utilized for storing potable and drinking water.

While 50,000 gallons is a standard size in our product line, our water storage tanks are available in sizes ranging from 500 to over 2,000,000 gallons. Modutank Inc. products offer the lowest containment costs, compared to Others, when considering the tank, shipping, site preparation, and installation costs.

Tank Details

Capacity50,000 Gallons (nominal)
Lead Time2 to 6 Weeks
HeightVaries with Tank Model
MaterialMembrane Lined, Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel
ConstructionModular, Bolted, (no Field Welding Required)
FoundationCompacted Earth, Concrete, Asphalt
Roof TypeOpen Top, Floating Cover
Interior LiningSingle or Double Layer
Leak DetectionSight Glass, Dip-Tube, Bottom Sump
Penetrations2″ – 24″ Dia. Piping Connections, 30″ Dia. Manway
ColorSteel (can be painted/coated if required)
AccessoriesBaffles, Ladders, Vents, Vortex Eliminators
Additional Add-onsAerators, Heaters, Insulation, Level Indicators
ManufacturerModuTank, Inc.
CertificationsAWWA D103, NSF-61, Material Certs.
Seismic DesignYes
High Wind DesignYes
Country of OriginU.S.A.
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