ModuTank’s Brine storage tanks are manufactured specifically for saline solutions. Brine, a high-concentration salt solution, is integral in numerous applications, from food preservation and refrigeration to oil drilling and water treatment. To maintain its efficacy and preserve its specific characteristics, brine necessitates storage that guarantees stability and purity.

Understanding the sensitive nature of brine and its propensity to corrode or impact certain materials, our tanks are constructed with high-quality materials designed to prevent degradation and contamination. ModuTank’s liquid storage tanks are not only chemically resistant, but ensure the brine remains uncontaminated and retains its desired properties.

Varies industries utilize brine for a multitude of applications, including Food Processing, for curing and fermentation; Oil and Gas, in drilling processes; and Water Treatment plants, in desalination and other processes. As the industrial landscape evolves, our commitment remains unchanged, delivering unparalleled storage solutions that combine quality and durability.