Choosing The Right Wastewater Holding Tanks For Your Needs

There are a range of different sizes and option for wastewater holding tanks. These tanks, which can store up to 2,000,000 gallons for industrial use, also come in smaller sizes that can be used in the home, for wastewater storage at a cabin or in an area where sewer and septic is not currently available. There are even emergency storage tanks in various sizes that can be used to hold wastewater when major repairs or system failures occur.

Size Consideration

Choosing the size of wastewater holding tanks is important and one that may impact your total water use. Industrial or home considerations will certainly be different, but for both options you need to have a good estimate of the total volume of water you need to hold prior to emptying the tank.

Tanks, especially the smaller modular units, can be configured into different physical arrangements if a larger tank isn’t possible. These lightweight types of tanks can also be easily moved when necessary, which may be a major consideration for a smaller business, home use or use in very small spaces.

Larger tanks tend to be anchored for stability and security, however there are also emergency tanks that can be securely placed and used without the need for anchoring.


Wastewater holding tanks come in a variety of shapes from round to square, cube and custom designed. The custom designed tanks are ideal for already established industrial sites, manufacturing plants or building locations. They can be designed to fit just the space that you have on hand and to also provide the correct flow requirements for your project.


Modular wastewater holding tanks are increasingly common in all types of industries and for a wide variety of options. These tanks are above ground and, with their modular design, can include virtually all shapes and sizes required. This makes them ideal for both large and small products both with a full installation or for emergency use as well.

It is important to carefully consider all these factors when choosing wastewater holding tanks. With today’s new designs, options and features you will be able to find just the tank to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations for what is possible.

Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren