Combating Farm Runoff and Pollution With Storage Tanks

Anyone who has worked on a farm knows how much water and other resources go into farming. Agriculture is a resource-intensive process. With modern agricultural techniques, we can produce enough food to feed the global population of over 7.5 billion people. However, these activities will create negative externalities, such as runoff. Fortunately, proper storage solutions can mitigate these issues.

Runoff is usually created when melting snow or rain flows through a farm, and then into a stream or other water supply. As the water flows, it picks up pollutants from the farm. These pollutants are then deposited somewhere else in the environment, thus polluting and potentially even poisoning the environments themselves.

Farm runoff can be contaminated with many pollutants, such as manure and fertilizers. Pesticides are also a major concern and must be tightly controlled. If runoff containing pesticides makes its way into nearby streams, ponds, or water reservoirs, it could cause serious problems. Many solutions to combat farm runoff are being explored. One of the best solutions is to store farm runoff until it can be properly treated or disposed of.

Problem is, farms can generate millions of gallons worth of runoff. It’s impossible to store that much liquid in a practical and economical fashion, right? Wrong! With an EconoTank or ModuTank, it is possible to store millions of gallons worth of runoff in a single tank.

We have successfully helped farms contain millions of gallons worth of runoff waste. Equipped with secondary containment measures and the appropriate liners, runoff can be secured and the environment can be protected. This can protect farms, food supply chains, and local communities from the risk of runoff.

When people think of environmental solutions, they often think of solar panels, wind farms, recycling, and all of the rest. However, when it comes to protecting the environment proper storage solutions can be every bit as vital. By keeping pollutants safely stored, storage tanks keep dangerous pollutants out of the environment.

For companies, a proper storage solution can reduce risks and mitigate liabilities. Setting up storage tanks can take some work and can get costly. However, both ModuTanks and EconoTanks can be set up with regular tools and do not require any specialized training. EconoTanks may also be rented on a short-term basis.

These tanks can also be set up very quickly. Generally, an above ground tank can be installed in less than one day. The tanks do not have to be installed permanently either. Using weights and steel footers, it is possible to temporarily set up storage tanks. Often, runoff needs to be stored on a temporary, emergency basis. This makes both EconoTanks and ModuTanks excellent options for storing runoff, wastewater, and other liquids on a short-term basis.

Runoff does not have to be a threat to local communities. By utilizing the proper storage solutions farms and agricultural operations can protect the local environment.

Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren