Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has offered a selection of liquid storage tanks tailored to diverse industry needs including the aviation sector by offering affordable storage tanks for deicing fluid. These tanks provide durability, efficiency, and environmental conscientiousness. Specifically crafted to serve a wide range of aviation demands, from small regional airstrips to busy international terminals, our tanks are recognized for their rapid installation and efficient use of space. Their modular design ensures a flawless fit, irrespective of spatial configurations. Made from premium-grade materials, they provide an extended lifespan, providing resilience against the most challenging environmental conditions.

Airports, especially those located in colder climates, face the perennial challenge of ensuring aircraft safety in icy and snowy conditions. Ice accumulation on an aircraft’s wings or fuselage can critically impair its aerodynamic properties, making take-offs hazardous and potentially compromising flight safety. Deicing fluid, a crucial tool in an airport’s winter operational arsenal, is applied to melt ice and prevent further build-up. Consequently, the need for large quantities of this fluid necessitates robust and efficient storage solutions.

A dedicated deicing fluid storage tank provides airports with a centralized reservoir, ensuring a consistent supply during peak demand times. It also allows for cost-effective bulk purchasing, quality control, and safe containment, reducing environmental risks associated with spills. In essence, these tanks play a pivotal role in maintaining uninterrupted airport operations, guaranteeing aircraft safety, and streamlining the logistical challenges of fluid storage and access during the harshest of winter months.

Airport Installations

  • Albany, New York
  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
  • Cleveland Hopkins, Ohio
  • Dulles, Virginia
  • Halifax Stanfield
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
  • Macdonald–Cartier
  • Montréal-Pierre Elliott
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • St. John’s, Canada
  • St. Louis Lambert
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Seattle-Tacoma, Washington
  • Stapleton, Colorado
  • Westchester County