Food Processing Storage Tanks

ModuTank’s food processing storage tanks are manufactured to meet the broad demands of the food industry. Preserving the integrity of food products, while ensuring safety is paramount, whether it’s the storage of intermediary products or finished goods.

Constructed from materials that resist corrosion and prevent contamination, our tanks are membrane-lined and carry NSF-61 certifications to meet global food safety and storage standards. Our tank are designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance, further enhancing the safety and quality of stored food products.

The versatility of our food processing storage tanks is evident in their widespread adoption across various segments of the food processing industry. ModuTank’s solutions stand out as the gold standard , whether it’s dairies storing large quantities of milk, breweries preserving beer, confectioneries safeguarding syrups and liquids, or manufacturers of sauces, juices, and purees needing reliable containment. In a world where food safety and quality can’t be compromised, our food processing storage tanks establish themselves as the first choice for businesses aiming for excellence.

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