Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has designed and furnished storage solutions across a spectrum of applications, including ground water storage tanks. Essential for ecosystems, agriculture, and human consumption, ground water requires dependable storage solutions that protect its purity and ensure its sustainable use. Our tanks are engineered to meet these needs, offering a robust and secure environment for this vital resource.

Our ground water storage tanks are designed with longevity and quality in mind. Made from high-grade materials resistant to environmental stressors and corrosion, they stand as a safeguard against contamination. This construction quality guarantees that the stored ground water maintains its essential characteristics, free from pollutants., in line with NSF-61. The tanks can include advanced monitoring systems, providing operators with accurate data for water level and quality, facilitating meticulous resource management.

The modular and bolt-together design of our ground water storage tanks, allows for versatility in their application. They are an ideal solution for rural communities, agricultural operations requiring irrigation reserves, and urban centers. The tanks’ scalability ensures they are a fitting choice for both temporary projects and permanent installations. As global awareness of water conservation grows, our tanks are increasingly recognized as the solution of choice for those prioritizing environmental sustainability alongside dependable water storage.