Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has pioneered and continuously updated our cutting-edge storage solutions, tailored for diverse industry needs. Our hydraulic fluid storage tanks provide quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Hydraulic fluid, pivotal for machinery operation ranging from aircraft landing gears to industrial machines, demands storage that guarantees purity and resilience against contamination. Our tanks, meticulously crafted from superior materials, provide an unrivaled solution that ensures the fluid’s pristine state is uncompromised.

Our hydraulic fluid storage tanks are of advanced design and functionality and engineered to ensure there is no contamination. Tanks can be equipped with monitoring systems and they assure that hydraulic systems get the purest fluid, devoid of any particulate matter or moisture. Their modular nature ensures flexibility, enabling rapid installation and scalability to various spatial needs.

The versatility of our tanks is evident in their widespread application across diverse sectors. Industries such as Manufacturing, Aerospace & Aviation, Construction & Mining, Agriculture, Maritime, Automotive, Energy (including oil, gas, and renewables), Forestry, Waste Management, and even the Entertainment sector for theme parks and film industries, all stand to benefit from our top-tier hydraulic fluid storage solutions. Recognizing the specific nuances and needs of each industry, our modular storage tanks are designed to seamlessly fit into varied operational dynamics.