Hydrostatic Testing Tanks

Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has been at the forefront of delivering innovative storage solutions, with our hydrostatic testing tanks designed to meet the rigorous standards required for testing the integrity and durability of pressure vessels, pipelines, and other fluid containment systems. Hydrostatic testing, an essential procedure for ensuring that equipment can safely handle operational pressures, involves filling the tanks with water or another incompressible fluid and pressurizing them to specified levels. Our large capacity tanks are crucial for industries including oil and gas, plumbing, and manufacturing, where ensuring equipment safety and compliance with regulatory standards is paramount.

Our hydrostatic testing tanks are constructed from high-grade, durable materials capable of withstanding the needs involved in hydrostatic testing. The tanks are lined with specialized membranes to prevent any leakage and ensure that the testing medium remains contained during the pressure tests on other vessels. These features promote the accuracy and reliability of the testing process, which is critical for certifying the safety of pressure vessels and piping systems. Additionally, ModuTank’s testing tanks are designed for easy setup and use, with features that allow for quick filling, draining, and monitoring of fluid levels and pressures of the tanks that are being tested.

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, ModuTank offers hydrostatic testing tanks in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate different testing requirements. Whether testing small components or large-scale industrial systems, our tanks can be precisely tailored to fit the dimensions and requirements of the items being tested. The modular design of our tanks also provides the flexibility needed for testing multiple items simultaneously or sequentially, enhancing testing efficiency and throughput. This scalability and adaptability make ModuTank’s testing tanks a resource for any business conducting hydrostatic testing.

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