Oil Sands Processing Tanks

Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has been at the forefront of developing innovative storage solutions tailored to meet the demanding requirements of industries like oil sands processing. Our oil sands processing tanks are specifically designed to handle the intensive needs of extracting and refining oil sands, a crucial resource in today’s energy landscape. These tanks are engineered to manage the viscous mixtures typical of oil sands, such as bitumen, efficiently and safely. Essential for operations in oil extraction and upgrading facilities, ModuTank’s tanks ensure that the processing of oil sands adheres to stringent industry standards while maximizing operational efficiency.

Our tanks are lined with specialized membranes that are adept at resisting the corrosive and erosive effects of bitumen and other substances found in oil sands processing, ensuring longevity and reliability. Our tanks can be fitted with additional equipment, such as heating elements, thermal insulation, mixers, and agitators needed to maintain the optimal temperature for processing and to keep the oil sands mixture homogeneous are provided by other manufacturers. This allows for a highly customizable setup, ensuring that each tank can be equipped to meet specific processing requirements and maintain consistent quality throughout the extraction and refining cycles.

Understanding the diverse operational scales and requirements of oil sands processing plants, ModuTank offers highly customizable and scalable tank solutions. Whether you’re managing a small extraction site or a large refining complex, our tanks can be tailored in size and configuration to fit specific site conditions and capacity requirements. The modular design facilitates easy and rapid assembly, allowing for flexibility in response to changing production demands or future expansions. This adaptability, combined with robust construction and advanced features, makes our oil sands processing tanks an invaluable asset for companies engaged in the challenging task of oil sands extraction and processing.

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