For over 50 years, ModuTank Inc. has been a trusted name in providing reliable storage solutions tailored to a multitude of industry needs. Our organic liquid storage tanks are specially designed for organic compounds, catering to the nuances of storing liquids that are derived from natural sources. Maintaining the distinct properties and integrity of organic liquids, ranging from food-grade ingredients to bio-based industrial materials, is an integral part of storing these liquids. ModuTank’s precision-manufactured tanks are made from high quality domestic steel. This ensures that these organic compounds remain uncontaminated and retain their original quality.

Our storage tanks can be equipped with integrated monitoring systems, that offer real-time insights to operators, enabling optimal storage conditions that prolong the quality and longevity of organic liquids. Furthermore, the modular architecture of these tanks provides flexibility for installations as well as scalability, catering to both small producers and large industrial companies.

The ModuTank offering appeals to a broad range of industries that include Food and Beverage, with their organic juices and extracts; Agriculture, focusing on bio-fertilizers and natural pesticides; as well as Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals, preserving natural essences and herbal extracts. In a world increasingly moving towards organic and natural solutions, ModuTank’s organic liquid storage tanks position themselves as the preferred choice for those looking to combine efficiency with environmental responsibility.