For over 50 years, ModuTank Inc. has been the gold standard in designing and manufacturing industry-specific liquid storage solutions. As industries evolve and demands grow, our Phenol storage tanks ensure long-lasting durability and safety for the unique requirements associated with storing phenol.

Phenol, a crucial compound used in the synthesis of plastics, pharmaceuticals, and an array of organic molecules, has characteristics that demand specialized storage. Due to the potential hazards and reactive nature of Phenol, it is imperative that a storage solution that prioritizes both the compound’s safety and environmental implications is utilized. ModuTank’s Phenol storage tanks are constructed from high quality materials, that are designed to resist phenol’s corrosive properties during storage.

Our liquid storage tanks are engineered and designed to meet the rigorous demands of a wide range of chemical solutions. The modular design of our tanks ensure flexibility, efficiency and scalability, making them an ideal solution for a wide range of industries and customer needs.