Since 1970, ModuTank has been a reliable source of advanced liquid storage solutions, becoming a trusted name in safeguarding the precursor chemicals essential to the plating industry. Our specialized plating chemical storage tanks are designed to meet the stringent demands of electroplating and metal finishing operations. They provide robust containment for the range of reactive and frequently hazardous chemicals used in these processes, ensuring both the highest quality of plated products and the utmost safety within the workplace. Understanding the critical nature of these chemicals, our tanks are constructed with precision, utilizing materials chosen for their chemical compatibility and durability to offer long-lasting reliability.

Our tanks are designed to securely contain and preserve the integrity of plating precursor chemicals such as acids, bases, solvents, and specialized metal solutions. Constructed from high-grade membranes, ModuTank’s storage solutions are resistant to the chemical wear-and-tear that plating chemicals can inflict over time. The tanks’ construction features are tailored to prevent contamination, ensuring that the purity of these sensitive chemicals is maintained, which is crucial for achieving consistent plating quality. Please be aware that due to the membrane lining of these tanks, they have a maximum operating temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The actual plating process will occur in a separate bath, provided by another manufacturer.

The plating industry encompasses a wide array of processes, each with its own set of chemical requirements. To accommodate this diversity, ModuTank’s liquid storage tanks are modular and customizable, allowing for scalability and adaptability in both size and configuration. This modularity ensures a perfect fit for the spatial constraints and volume demands of any plating facility, from small workshops to large-scale production plants. Easy to assemble and disassemble, these tanks can be quickly adapted or relocated to meet the changing needs of dynamic manufacturing environments.