Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative storage solutions, consistently meeting the challenging demands of various industries. Our radioactive runoff water storage tanks are a prime example of this dedication, designed specifically to handle the sensitive and hazardous nature of radioactive runoff water. This type of runoff requires the utmost care in storage to prevent environmental contamination and to protect public health interests.

Constructed with safety and durability as top priorities, these tanks are made from materials capable of resisting the corrosive and hazardous nature of radioactive water. To ensure maximum protection against potential leaks, our tanks are fitted with advanced lining materials. Our approach to construction ensures not only the longevity of the tanks, but also compliance with stringent environmental and health regulations.

ModuTank’s radioactive runoff water storage tanks stand as an essential resource for sectors handling radioactive materials. They offer versatile, secure, and scalable storage solutions, adaptable to different site conditions. In an industry where precision and safety are non-negotiable, ModuTank provides an indispensable solution, ensuring responsible management and containment of radioactive materials.