Sedimentation Storage Tanks

Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has been at the forefront of developing specialized liquid storage solutions, with our sedimentation storage tanks playing a significant role in optimizing water treatment processes. These tanks are specifically designed for the sedimentation stage in water and wastewater treatment, where separating particles from liquids is essential.

Our sedimentation storage tanks are engineered to maximize the efficiency of the settling process. Built with high grade materials, these tanks are robust enough to handle various environmental conditions while facilitating the sedimentation process. The tanks feature specially designed elements to optimize flow patterns and reduce turbulence, thereby enhancing particle settling and improving the overall effectiveness of water treatment.

Recognizing the varied requirements of water treatment facilities, our sedimentation tanks are adaptable and scalable. They are an appropriate choice for a range of applications, from municipal water treatment plants to industrial wastewater management and specialized setups. Our modular design ensures ease of assembly, offering a flexible, efficient solution for sedimentation needs.

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