For over 50 years, ModuTank Inc. has provided high quality liquid storage tanks for every business need. Sodium Hydroxide, commonly known as lye or caustic soda, is essential in many industries, including soap manufacturing, paper production, and various chemical processes. However, its highly corrosive nature requires a secure, resilient, and dependable storage solution that safeguards both the substance and its surrounding environment.

Our Sodium Hydroxide storage tanks are manufactured from the highest grade materials to withstand caustic solutions, while preserving the chemical’s purity and stability. Our modular design offers flexibility and scalability to accommodate any size tank installation. Our storage tanks can be integrated with monitoring systems, enabling operators to adjust storage conditions, ensuring the safety and stability of Sodium Hydroxide containment.

Safe, reliable chemical storage is critical for many industrial operations. ModuTank offers a wide range of liquid storage tanks solutions to fulfill these needs, meeting the safety demands of an array of business sectors. From small-scale specialty production to expansive manufacturing plants, companies find immense value and reliability in ModuTank, establishing us as a trusted partner for safeguarding their crucial chemical storage needs.