Since 1970, ModuTank has been a reliable source of advanced liquid storage solutions, evolving to meet the complex needs of industries across the globe. Among our specialized offerings, sulfuric acid storage tanks stand out for their ability to safely contain one of the most widely utilized industrial chemicals. Given sulfuric acid’s highly corrosive nature, these tanks are engineered with XR-5 membranes, to ensure the safe storage and integrity of the acid, safeguarding operational environments and personnel. Our design and materials selection makes these tanks a cornerstone for industries that rely on sulfuric acid for their processes, emphasizing our role in supporting the backbone of various industrial sectors.

Our storage tanks for sulfuric acid are constructed from premium materials, specifically chosen for their compatibility with sulfuric acid’s demanding properties. Each tank incorporates advanced linings to combat the acid’s corrosive effects, ensuring long-term containment without compromise. This construction not only adheres to stringent industry safety standards, but also extends the lifespan of the tanks, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses. Furthermore, our tanks are designed with maintenance and inspection in mind, featuring easy-access components, such as 30” dia. manways, that simplify routine checks and cleaning. This blend of durability, safety, and practicality underscores ModuTank’s dedication to delivering storage solutions that industry professionals can rely on.

Understanding the diverse applications and needs within the chemical industry, ModuTank’s sulfuric acid storage tanks are designed for maximum adaptability. They can be precisely tailored to fit a variety of volumes and spatial requirements, accommodating everything from large-scale industrial operations to more niche applications. The tanks’ modular nature not only facilitates swift onsite assembly and future expansions but also ensures that modifications can be made efficiently, should your storage needs change. Customization, combined with our tanks’ proven safety and durability, positions ModuTank as a leader in providing adaptable storage solutions that meet the exacting demands of sulfuric acid handling and storage, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and safety in the chemical storage industry at large.