Surge Tanks

Since 1970, ModuTank Inc. has specialized in advanced liquid storage solutions, with surge tanks specifically designed to provide additional capacity and prevent overflow in various systems. These tanks are crucial for maintaining operational continuity and safeguarding infrastructure in water, wastewater, and industrial fluid applications, where they mitigate the risk of system overloads by accommodating sudden influxes of fluid volume.

While ModuTank itself does not directly offer features such as adjustable outlet valves and overflow sensors, our surge tanks are compatible with these components, which can be provided through third-party suppliers that we can recommend. These enhancements are critical for dynamically managing fluid levels, offering a robust solution for controlling system capacity and preventing overflow incidents. This compatibility allows for a customized approach to each client’s needs, ensuring that all systems are equipped to handle unexpected surges effectively.

ModuTank’s surge tanks are designed to be versatile and scalable, meeting the diverse needs of various industries. Whether it’s for a small municipal system or a large-scale industrial application, our tanks can be configured to suit any operational scale and accommodate additional safety features as required. The modular design allows for quick installation and seamless integration into existing systems, providing the flexibility needed for systems that require expansion or enhanced overflow protection. This adaptability ensures that facilities can efficiently manage changes in capacity and maintain safe operations without compromising system integrity.

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