Over the past 50 years, ModuTank Inc. has specialized in storage solutions that address challenges presented by many different industries. Our vegetable oil storage tanks help to preserve the quality and freshness of one of the world’s most widely consumed food products. Vegetable oils, derived from a myriad of sources like olives, soybeans, and sunflowers, are staple ingredients in culinary preparations and possess unique storage requirements to maintain their consistency and nutrient value.

Vegetable oils are sensitive to factors like oxygen, light, and temperature, which can accelerate degradation and rancidity. Recognizing this, ModuTank has designed tanks that minimize exposure to these elements, ensuring the oil’s longevity and nutritional integrity. Our tanks are constructed from premium materials that prevent contamination and ensure the oil remains untainted, preserving its organic qualities. Beyond their protective features, our storage solutions can be fitted with monitoring systems that allow operators to keep a vigilant eye on storage conditions, ensuring that the oils are maintained in their optimal condition throughout their storage life.

As the culinary world continually evolves, with an increasing focus on organic and high-quality ingredients, the demand for reliable vegetable oil storage is integral to this process. ModuTank’s vegetable oil storage tanks provide solutions for customers range from boutique organic farms that prioritize the purity of their produce, to large scale industrial food processors that need sizable storage capacities.