What is an EconoTank?

EconoTanks offer versatile liquid storage for environmental, industrial, commercial and agricultural use, including chemical, potable and wastewater storage.

Thus we can say this system can be configured in different ways to suit individual requirements.

Take advantage of EconoTank Features

  • EconoTanks are accessible in capacities from hundreds to millions of gallons in rectilinear sizes.
  • Special shapes with right angle corners are such as “L”, “U”, “T”, etc.
  • Free-standing EconoTanks install on any firm, level surface with little or no site preparation.
  • EconoTanks can be anchor bolted to concrete foundations for permanent installation.


About Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren, VP of ModuTank Inc. has his degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and more than fifty years’ experience in product design and photography, model building, advertising and copy writing.
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