Why Use Floating Covers For Rectangular Water Storage Tanks?

For centuries, water tanks have been used to store water for drinking, agriculture, manufacturing, food preparation, and fire control. And these water treatment tanks and storage tanks have only grown in popularity: by the year 2000, 208 million Americans were being served by centralized collection systems like these.

Because these water treatment systems are so important to our daily life, organizations need to make sure that they’re safe for consumption. Stainless steel rectangular tanks are often used to store or treat water because of their safety and durability. However, even the cover you use for your stainless steel water tanks can make a difference in the effectiveness of the tank and the quality of the water within it.

Made from the same type of materials as flexible membrane liners, a floating cover will allow you to create a completely enclosed system that’s ideal for water storage. The seal is practically vapor-tight, which means you’ll never have to compromise on water quality. And because they sit on top of the stored fluid, they’ll adjust to any level fluctuations. We can even provide insulated covers for thermal protection. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of floating covers for stainless steel water tanks.

Why Your Stainless Steel Rectangular Tanks For Water Storage Should Use Floating Covers

  • Cleaner, Safer Water
    Simply put, floating covers offer better water protection. Because floating covers encapsulate the entirety of these stainless steel rectangular tanks, water is consistently cleaner and free of algae, contaminants, and precipitation. Rest assured, the quality of the water you store will be the very best.
  • Evaporation Prevention
    Steel covers remain fixed, regardless of the amount of water in a tank. Floating covers, on the other hand, adjust to the fluid level and prevent evaporation from occurring. This means that the water you store will be much more chemically stable and safe for use. This totally enclosed system will also ensure that you’ll neither lose water through evaporation nor gain it through precipitation. However, if water is used or added, the cover will adjust accordingly to keep it protected
  • Long-Lasting and Versatile
    With proper care, a floating cover’s life can last over 20 years. It’s much more flexible to your needs than a fixed cover, but will also provide better protection for a longer period of time. They have a large variety of uses, as well, which means that even if you’re looking for wastewater or chemical storage, these floating covers can serve your needs.

If you need to ensure your water storage is undoubtedly safe and clean, floating covers are likely your best bet. To find out more about our covers and modular tanks for sale or rent, contact ModuTank today.

Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren