5 Things To Know About Steel Tank Rentals

Steel tanks have emerged as one of the most popular storage solutions and with good reason. Above-ground steel tanks are affordable, easy to set up, resistant to damage, and can be used to store a wide range of liquids. Owing to this, our rental Econotank galvanized steel storage tanks are one of our most popular solutions.

Often, clients looking for steel storage tank rentals have pressing needs. They made need to secure hazardous liquids immediately, store potable water for emergencies, or meet some other pressing need. Site preparation may not be an option. Long-term storage likewise might be unfeasible. In these situations, among others, an Econotank could be the perfect storage solution.

1. Steel is one of the best storage materials

Our galvanized steel Econotanks are the perfect solution for reliable and affordable short-term storage. Our galvanized steel is G-90.

Galvanized steel is coated with zinc to make it more resistant to corrosion. This makes it a perfect choice for storing potentially harmful or corrosive waste. The footing plates and support infrastructure are constructed out of hot-dip galvanized steel.

A variety of liners can be used depending on the liquid to be stored. As a result, our Econotanks can be used to store many different types of liquids. Please get in touch if you have questions regarding a specific material or liquid.

2. Very Affordable Temporary Solutions

We offer Econotank rentals specifically because they are sturdy, easy to construct, and built out of modular pieces. Econotanks require only normal tools for assembly. No cranes or welding needed.

This means our steel storage tank rentals are both affordable and reliable. They can be set up very quickly and on just about any site. Per gallon storage costs for Econotanks are cheaper than many other storage solutions.

3. Any Size, Any Shape

Galvanized steel is a relatively affordable and extremely strong material. As a result, it is both economical for smaller storage units, but can be expanded to hold vast amounts of liquid. Whether you’re looking to store hundreds or millions of gallons, our Econotanks are right for the job.

Our storage tanks are built out of steel modules that can be assembled into a huge range of shapes. For example, if the space at your facility calls for an L-shaped storage tank, an Econotank can be assembled as an L-shaped storage tank, no problem.

Each module is 4’9” high by 3’9” wide. Popular shapes used by our customers include “L”, “T”, and “U” shapes. A firm, flat, and hard surface is required.

4. Free-Standing, No Need to Bolt Into the Ground

Our Econotanks use footing plates that allow for freestanding support. This means that there is no need to bolt the modules to the ground. Instead, footing plates can be used and then weighed down. This is perfect for steel tank rentals as it minimizes damage to your facilities or property.

If the Econotank is to be permanently installed, we can use anchor bolts to permanently secure the tanks. While our Econotank line is perfect for rentals, many customers have also chosen to install them permanently.

5. Plenty of Options and Choices

When renting storage tanks, you’re often forced to make compromises. We honed in on offering our modular Econotanks for rental because they are easy to install, work on virtually every site, and offer a variety of options.

If the liquids need to be covered, for example, we can use floating covers. Double liners and secondary containment are easy to set up as well. So too are leak detection systems. Additionally, inlet and outlet piping systems can be installed, either through wall, over-the-top, or at the bottom. There are many more options, so please get in touch if you have any specific needs or questions.

Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren