Why and When Companies Need Irregular Storage Tanks

Irregular Storage Tanks

In the ideal world, everything would fit together perfectly. Building a construction site, factory, agricultural operation, or whatever, would be as easy as putting together a Lego set.

ModuTank realized early on that businesses and people need diverse storage solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to storing liquids and other materials. This is true not just in regard to size but also shape.

Applications for Storage Solution

That’s why “ModuTank” is ModuTank. We build and sell several modular storage solutions. These solutions are built with modular component parts that can be assembled in a wide variety of ways. They can also be assembled quickly and do not require specialized knowledge or equipment. In many cases, tanks can be assembled within a matter of hours. These tanks are great for storing nearly every liquid or material. When combined with the right liners, our storage solutions can store anything from potable water to caustic industrial chemicals and acids.

Consider the Applications for Storage Solution

Many of our tanks follow a T, U, or L shape. However, we’ve built more exotic tanks as well. One client needed an S-shaped tank for an innovative wastewater treatment test project. No problem. We used a flexible design concept to deliver them what they needed. The design allowed them to test and show off their wastewater solutions without endangering the environment.

Another time, a chemical company was facing a crisis. The client needed 1,000,000 gallons of effluent emergency storage. However, the only space available had an irregular shape. We used a custom design to maximize the storage space. As a result, we were able to build a huge “L” shaped tank in a relatively small space.

Recently, we have been building irregularly shaped storage solutions in high-rises. Fire and building codes are growing stricter as the years go by. By storing more liquids and flame retardants, fire combating systems can be activated more quickly.

Indeed, applications with skyscrapers are now among our most popular solutions. With flexible storage solutions, we can help build effective fire suppression systems, even in the irregular and tight space found in high rises.


About Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren, VP of ModuTank Inc. has his degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and more than fifty years’ experience in product design and photography, model building, advertising and copy writing.
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