How Leak Detection Can Prevent Emergencies

We strive to ensure that our storage tanks are as leak-proof as possible. We understand that our tanks are often used to contain dangerous chemicals. We take pride in the fact that our solutions help protect the environment and local communities. Irrespective, leaks can happen. For this reason, installing sound leak detection systems is a prudent measure.

How Our Leak Detection Systems Work

For many of our clients, leak detection is a priority. By offering a variety of solutions, we can meet our clients’ needs, and most importantly, reduce the risks of a leak going undetected.

First, non-penetrating solutions can be set up. This means that the detection system will not compromise the integrity of the liner itself. Using a perforated tube with accompanying dipstick between the secondary and primary liners, our unique Dip Tube system will collect and fluids that leak from potential inadvertent puncture to the liners. Simply maintain an eye on the dipstick.

Another popular solution for walls is to use a sight glass system. If the primary liner is penetrated by a fluid, it will be collected by a geotextile interlayer. Then it wicked to thru-the-wall fittings. This allows for immediate inspection in an external sight tube. With this system, it is quick and easy to keep an eye on leaks.

Leaks can often occur at the bottom of the containment system rather than through the walls. By placing a sump at the bottom of the storage unit and using a secondary liner, we can detect leaks. Any leaked liquid will be funneled to the sump.

Combining Leak Detection With Secondary Containment

Leak detection will help you keep an eye on minor leaks and repair them immediately.

Using secondary containment, you can ensure that leaked materials will not make it into the surrounding environment, the secondary containment system will corral the leaked materials. By combining leak detection with secondary containment, you can minimize the risk of environmental damage.

Thomas Carren

Thomas Carren